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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Computer integrated manufacturing-Model question paper for B.E/B.Tech

1(a) What is the difference between CIM I and CIM II? (5 Marks)
(b) A manufacturing based economy is superior to a service-based economy. Write your comments on this statement. (5 Marks)
(c) Explain the difference between odd and even parity systems. (6 Marks)
(d) Convert &H6C into binary form. (4 Marks)
2(a) Write a note on limitation of the BCD code and attraction of Gray code. (8Marks)
(b) Mention the advantages of fiber optic cabling. (6 Marks)
(c) A communication line operates at a signal-to noise ratio of 25 dB and a bandwidth of 4000Hz. What is the maximum speed at which data transfer is possible on this line? (6 Marks)
3(a) Discuss the reasons behind the need of database for a manufacturing company. (6 Marks)
(b) How does DBMS software differ from file manager software? (6 Marks)
(c) What is reverse engineering and when is it practiced? (4 Marks)
(d) What is the Rule of Ten? What is its message? (4 Marks)
4(a) Compare C-posts with G-posts. (6 Marks)
(b) Discuss the difficulties that may arise when product designers are entrusted with the task of developing part programs. (4 Marks)
(c) What is the role of FMS in CIM? (4 Marks)
(d) Describe the production method of a pair of scissors. Explain all the basic processes involved. (6 Marks)
5(a) Discuss the role of PLCs in CIM plants. (4 Marks)
(b) Discuss the major problems in integrating industrial robots with another flexible automation system of a modern plant such as AGV. (8 Marks)
(c) Discuss the role of AS/RS in streamlining material handling. How do they contribute to integration at the shop floor. (8 Marks)
6(a) What is SPC and how does it help in achieving the objectives of CIM? (8 Marks)
(b) Name two individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of quality in last 30 years. Mention their contributions. (6 Marks)
(c) If the specification limits for the strip thickness of delicate strip are 8.96 and 9.44mm, find the values of PCR and Cpk and comment on them. Discard the out-of-control points before assessing the process capability. (6 Marks)
7(a) Explain the meaning of expert systems. How do they differ from conventional software? (6 Marks)
(b) Write a note on Dr.Aaron's views on modern manufacturing wisdom. (5 Marks)
(c) Write an outline for a CIM course. (4 Marks)
(d) Write job specifications for a CIM technician and CIM engineer. (5 Marks)
8(a) Write a note on use of laser in manufacturing. (4 Marks)
(b) What is meant by multimedia? Discuss how it can help CIM. (6 Marks)
(c) Mention the difficulties companies experience while implementing CIM face. (6 Marks)
(d) Write your comments on the statement, 'Taylorism is compatible with CIM'. (4 Marks)

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