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Friday, 4 January 2013

Mechatronics-Model question paper for B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/PhD

1(a) Write a note on microprocessor based controllers. (4 Marks)
(b) Explain with the help of a block diagram, the working of engine management controller. (8 Marks)
(c) Explain different cycles of operation of automatic washing machine. (8 Marks)
2(a) Write a note on classification of sensors. (4 Marks)
(b) Distinguish between linear and threshold Hall Effect sensors. Mention their advantages and disadvantages. (6 Marks)
(c) Explain the construction, working and applications of photodiodes. (6 Marks)
(d) With a neat sketch, explain the working of ultrasonic proximity sensor. (4 Marks)
3(a) Mention some applications of hydraulic cylinders. (4 Marks)
(b) Explain the working of swash plate motor. (4 Marks)
(c) Distinguish between sequence valve and check valve. (6 Marks)
(d) What is hydrostatic transmission? Explain. (6 Marks)
4(a) With the help of a neat sketch, explain the arrangement and working of a limit switch. (6 Marks)
(b) Explain the working of a triac as a switch. Draw triac characteristics. (6 Marks)
(c) What is a Darlington pair? Mention its important applications. (4 Marks)
(d) Explain the working of a servomotor with the help of a block diagram. (4 Marks)
5(a) Explain using necessary equations, the design of a spring mass-damper system. (6 Marks)
(b)Write a note on modeling of actuators. (6 Marks)
(c) Explain the concepts thermal resistance and thermal capacitance. (4 Marks)
(d) Write a note on modeling of thermal systems. (4 Marks)
6(a) Mention some important requirements for good guide ways. (4 Marks)
(b) Explain stick-slip phenomena. (4 Marks)
(c) Differentiate between hydrostatic slide ways and hydrodynamic slide ways. (6 Marks)
(d) Write a note on spindles and spindle bearings. (6 Marks)
7(a) Mention merits and demerits of antifriction bearings. (4 Marks)
(b) What is an operational amplifier? How it is used as Schmitt trigger amplifier? (8 Marks)
(c) Distinguish between band pass filters and band stop filters. (4 Marks)
(d) Explain the working of successive approximation ADC. (4 Marks)
8(a) Write a note on binary system and hexadecimal system. (6 Marks)
(b) Draw graphical symbol and truth table of NAND gate. What is its Boolean equation? (4 Marks)
(c) What are the four types of ROM. (4 Marks)
(d) Explain the classification of microcontrollers. (6 Marks)

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