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Friday, 15 May 2015

Microprocessors and interfacing-Model question paper for B.E/B.Tech Engineering

1(a) Describe how a D latch responds to a positive pulse on its CK input and how a D flip-flop responds to a positive pulse on its CK input. (4 Marks)
(b) Why do most ROMs and RAMs have three-state inputs? (4 Marks)
(c) If the 8086 data segment register contains 7000H, write the instruction that will copy the contents of DL to address 74B2CH. (6 Marks)
(d) Why should you develop a detailed algorithm for a program before writing down any assembly language instructions? (6 Marks)
2(a) Compute the average of any number of bytes in an array in memory. The number of bytes to be added is in the first byte of the array. (6 Marks)
(b) Show the statement you would use to tell the assembler to make the label BINADD available to other assembly modules.(6 Marks)
(c) Use the 8086 string instructions to write a program which scans a string of 80 characters looking for a carriage return (ODH). If a carriage return is found, put the length of the string up to the carriage return in AL. If no carriage return is found, put 50H(80 decimal) in AL. (8 Marks)
3(a) Explain any two 8086 instruction descriptions. (8 Marks)
(b) What is the purpose of the ALE signal in an 8086 system? (4 Marks)
(c) What does an arrow going from a transition on one signal waveform to a transition on another tell you? (4 Marks)
(d) Describe how you can keep from mixing up ICs from a good system with those from a bad system when substituting. (4 Marks)
4(a) The starting address for a type 4 interrupt service procedure is 0010:0082. Show where and in what order this address should be placed in the interrupt-vector table. (4 Marks)
(b) What is the major advantage of calling BIOS procedures with software interrupts instead of calling them with absolute address? (4 Marks)
(c) Draw a circuit you could attach to an 8255A port B pin to drive a 1-A solenoid valve from a +12 Volts supply. You want a high on the port pin to turn on the solenoid. (6 Marks)
(d) Describe the three major tasks needed to get meaningful information from a matrix keyboard. (6 Marks)
5(a) Draw a circuit showing how a light-dependent resistor can be connected to a comparator so the output of the comparator changes state when the resistance of the LDR is 10 kΩ. (6 Marks)
(b) Describe the operation of a flash-type A/D converter. What are its main advantages and disadvantages? (8 Marks)
(c) What problem in a control loop does integral feedback help solve? Why is derivative feedback sometimes added to a control loop? (6 Marks)
6(a) In what ways are a standard microprocessor and a coprocessor different from each other? (4 Marks)
(b) Describe how the control bus signals are produced for an 8086 system operating in maximum mode. (6 Marks)
(c) Explain the difference between formal arguments and actual arguments. (4 Marks)
(d) Use a diagram to help you explain how an EGA system uses palette registers to produce a display of 16 colours from a palette of 64 colours. (6 Marks)
7(a) Explain why systems which use the RS-422A or RS-423A signal standards can transmit data over longer distances and a higher baud rates than RS-232C systems. (4 Marks)
(b) Draw a diagram showing the bit format used for asynchronous serial data. Label the start, stop, and parity bits. Number the data bits to show the order of transmission. (6 Marks)
(c) Draw simple diagrams which show the five common network topologies. For each topology, identify one commercially available system which uses it. (10 Marks)
8(a) Briefly discuss the two types of scheduling commonly used in multiuser/multitasking operating systems. (6 Marks)
(b) How is a fuzzy logic control system different from a traditional digital logic control system? What are some advantages of fuzzy logic? (6 Marks)
(c) Write a note on the different members of the Pentium Processors family and indicate their chief features. (8 Marks)

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Microcontrollers- Model question paper for B.E/B.Tech Engineering

1(a) What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a battery backup RAM? (4 Marks)
(b) What are the various issues while selecting a microcontroller having RISC philosophy? (4 Marks)
(c) Enlist the various flags in the PSW register. (6 Marks)
(d) Discuss the functions of 8051 Boolean processor. (6 Marks)
2(a) Explain how the current sinking capacity is more than the current souring capacity of an 8051 pin. What is the maximum sinking current possible for an 8051 pin without damaging it? (6 Marks)
(b) What do you mean by the term quasi-bi-directional port? Why is port 0 of 8051 true bidirectional? (4 Marks)
(c) What do you mean by the term addressing modes? What are the different addressing modes supported by 8051? (6 Marks)
(d) Explain the difference between MOVX and MOV instructions. (4 Marks)
3(a) What do you mean by the software simulation of 8051? What are the various development tools needed for testing and development of microcontroller boards. (6 Marks)
(b) If two requests of interrupt are received simultaneously, how those are handled in 8051? As a programmer, how will you take care of this while writing an 8051 program? (6 Marks)
(c) Discuss and comment on the program and data memories of 89C2051 and 89C51. (4 Marks)
(d) List the different members of Atmel flash microcontrollers. Compare their salient features. (4 Marks)
4 (a) What are the limitations in designing a frequency counter using 89C51 as far as the operating frequency is concerned? (4 Marks)
(b) What are the various possibilities of the oscillator connections in PIC microcontrollers? How are those selected? How is the frequency of oscillation decided in each of these modes? (6 Marks)
(c) Explain what is an instruction pipelining in PIC? (4 Marks)
(d) Explain what is the meaning of orthogonal instruction set. Is PIC instruction set orthogonal? (6 Marks)
5(a) What are the various functional blocks in PIC 16F877? Discuss the architectural features of PIC 16F877. In what way flash memory devices are useful in designing? (10 Marks)
(b) What is the function of WRT bit in the configuration word? How is a configuration word written? (5 Marks)
(c) State at least one application of PORTB change interrupt. How to enable this interrupt? (5 Marks)
6(a) What kind of interaction is there between CCP modules? How is it taken care of? (4 Marks)
(b) Explain how SPI bus can be used for I/O port expansion. (6 Marks)
(c) What is the difference between the functions of CREN and SREN? What happens if both are set? (6 Marks)
(d) A positive going pulse appears on pin RC2/CCP1. The clock frequency is 4 MHz. Write a PIC 16F877 program segment to measure the pulse width. (4 Marks)
7(a) Built-in PWM module in PIC microcontroller allows generating analog outputs. In this context, what is the meaning of ‘maximum 10-bit resolution’ of PWM? (6 Marks)
(b) What do you mean by the term ‘contact debounce’? How is contact debouncing problem taken care of while interfacing keyboard with a microcontroller? (6 Marks)
(c) Discuss the various selection criteria between an LCD and an LED display. (4 Marks)
(d) What do you mean by the bipolar mode of ADC? (4 Marks)
8(a) If a pneumatic actuator is to be driven by a microcontroller, what kind of interface is needed? (4 Marks)
(b) When is it preferable to have isolation between a microcontroller and rest of the circuitry? (4 Marks)
(c) Why is 8051 more suitable for number crunching applications over any RISC microcontrollers like PIC? (4 Marks)
(d) Write an 8051 program to convert signed 16-bit numbers into sign magnitude form. (8 Marks)

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Foundations of Information Technology - Model question paper for B.E/B.Tech Engineering

1(a) How do you measure the entropy of a message? What is the meaning of entropy of symbols and entropy of the whole message? (6 Marks)
(b) What do you mean by the self-information? Compute the self-information related to the event of tossing a coin. (4 Marks)
(c) What are the differences between static length and variable length coding schemes? Why Huffman compression is called a variable length coding scheme? (6 Marks)
(d) What is LZW compression? What are the advantages of LZW compression over LZ78 compression technique? (4 Marks)
2(a) What are magnetic tapes? Explain how the data is recorded onto the tape. (4 marks)
(b) What is ISO? Why should the software industry get ISO certification? Explain why it is important for the IT industry to get ISO 9001 certification. (4 Marks)
(c) What is system testing? How is system testing carried out? What are the differences between the alpha, beta and acceptance testing? (6 Marks)
(d) What are the reasons foe adopting control flow oriented programmings? Under what circumstances is the control flow oriented programming recommended?
3(a) What do you mean by sharing time sharing operating system? Explain how the time sharing improves the performance of operating system? (4 Marks)
(b) What are real-time systems? Under what circumstances it is necessary to meet the deadline of job? (4 Marks)
(c) What is the difference between a sequential circuit and a combinational circuit? What do you mean by the state of a circuit? Explain with a suitable example. (8 Marks)
(d) What are the problems in SR flip-flop? Explain by using the characteristic table of SR flip flop. (4 Marks)
4(a) Explain the salient features of amplitude modulation. What are the advantages of amplitude modulation? (4 Marks)
(b) What are the importance of sampling process? How are the samples of analog waveform taken? Explain the role of train of pulses. (6 Marks)
(c) What do you understand by ISDN? Explain the salient features of ISDN? Under what circumstances are the ISDN lines required? (6 Marks)
(d) What are the differences between the Local Are Network and Wide Area Network? How are they different from Metropolitan Area Networks? (4 Marks)
5(a) How the charts are prepared in MS Excel? List the types of charts which may be prepared by MS Excel. (6 Marks)
(b) Why Windows is called GUI based system? (4 Marks)
(c) Why an E-mail is considered as most important service offered by internet? Comment on whether an E-mail is secured? (4 Marks)
(d) What do you mean by the term video conferencing? Is there any difference between video telephony and video conferencing? (6 Marks)
6(a) What are the differences between goods and services? What kind of services may be offered in E-commerce? Explain with suitable examples. (6 Marks)
(b) Explain the roles and functions of intermediary on the web. How do the intermediaries work on the web? Explain with suitable examples. (6 Marks)
(c) Define the network infrastructure requirement of E-commerce application. What precaution must be taken in order to get safe and secure execution of business transactions on the web? (4 Marks)
(d) What are the differences between E-commerce and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)? (4 Marks)
7(a) What are firewalls? What purpose doe the firewall serve? What are the essential differences between static and dynamic firewalls? (6 Marks)
(b) How doe the conventional cryptographic system use the method of simple substitution? Explain with the help of an example. (6 Marks)
(c) What are the differences in procedural and nonprocedural language? Explain with a suitable example. (4 Marks)
(d) Explain those features of SQL, which make it suitable as data definition language. (4 Marks)
8(a) What are the advantages of Java over other programming languages? (4 Marks)
(b) What is VBScript? Is there any relation between VBScript and Visual Basic? What are the application areas of VBScript? (6 Marks)
(c) List the nodal centers of ERNET project. What role these centers are playing in the implementation of this project? Which agency is responsible for providing access to servers abroad? (6 Marks)
(d) Explain the salient features of NICNET. (4 Marks)

Friday, 1 May 2015

Operations Research- Model question paper for B.E/B.Tech Engineering, MSc Mathematics,Statistics

1(a) Prove that if a linear function assumes its minimum at two different points of a convex set, then it assumes this minimum on the entire line segment between the points. (6 Marks)
(b) Determine graphically whether [1,2]T is a convex combination of [1,1]T and [2,-1]T. (4Marks)
(c) Explain different steps of dual simplex method. (6 Marks)
(d) Fay Klein had developed two types of handcrafted, adult games that she sells to department stores throughout the country. Although the demand for these games exceeds her capacity to produce them, Ms. Klein continues to work alone and to limit her workweek to 50 Hours. Game I take 3.5 Hours to produce and bring a profit of $28, while game II requires 4 Hours to complete and brings a profit of $31. How many games of each type should Ms. Klein produce weekly if her objective is to maximize total profit?  (4 Marks)
2(a) Write a detailed note on duality and sensitivity analysis in linear programming. (8 Marks)
(b) What is Karmarkar’s algorithm? Explain. (4 Marks)
(c) Write a detailed note on Branching and Bounding algorithm in integer programming. (8 Marks)
3(a) Prove that if the costs in any row or any column of a transportation tableau are uniformly reduced by the same number (positive or negative), then the resultant problem has the same optimal solution as the original problem. (8 Marks)  
(b) Show by means of an example that an optimal itinerary for the traveling salesperson problem may not still be optimal when the constraint that each location be visited only once is dropped. (6 Marks)
(c) Use the Gomory algorithm to maximize: z=x1+9x2+x3 subject to: x1+2x2+3x3≤ 9   3x1+2x2+2x3 ≤ 15   with:   all variables nonnegative and integral. (6 Marks)
4(a) Write a note on sequential-search techniques. Distinguish between Fibonacci search and Golden-Mean search. (6 Marks)
(b) Approximate the location of the global maximum on [0,π] of f(x)=x2sinx, using a three-point search of the unrestricted interval with five functional evaluations. How good is this approximation? (6 Marks)
(c) Write a note on Hooke-Jeeves’ pattern search. (4 Marks)
(d) Derive Newton-Raphson formula. (4 Marks)
5(a) What is a shortest-route problem? How is it solved? (6 Marks)
(b) Write a note on critical path computations for PERT. (6 Marks)
(c) What is an inventory? How will you determine fixed order quantities? (4 Marks)
(d) The ABC retail company has the following data available for one of its items: D=10000 units; S=$ 20.00; C=25% of the acquisition cost $25.00. Find (a) economic order quantity; (b) number of orders per year; (c) total inventory cost. (4 Marks)
6(a) What is standard error of estimate? Explain. (4 Marks)
(b) Write a note on forecasting time series with multiplicative model. (6 Marks)
(c) Differentiate between stable games and unstable games. (6 Marks)
(d) Two ranchers have brought a dispute over a 6-yard-wide strip of land that separates their properties to a referee. Both claim the strip as entirely their own. Both ranchers are aware that that referee will ask each party to submit a confidential proposal for settling the dispute fairly and will then accept that proposal which gives the most. If both proposals give equally or not at all, the referee will split the difference, setting the boundary in the middle of the 6-yard width. Determine the rancher’s best proposals, if proposals are restricted to integral amounts. (6 Marks)
7(a) Explain Naïve decision criteria. (4 Marks)
(b) Explain the four-step procedure which is used to determine von Neumann utilities for a finite number of payoffs. (4 Marks)
(c) What is a multistage decision process? Explain. (6 Marks)
(d) A woman has ticket to a football game on a day for which the weather bureau predicts rain with likelihood of 40%. She can stay home and watch the game on television, the preferable choice under rainy conditions, or she can go to the stadium, the preferable choice under dry conditions. Which decision should she make? (6 Marks)
8(a) What is a stochastic matrix? Differentiate between ergodic matrices and regular matrices. (6 Marks)
(b) A new television set arrives for inspection every 3 min and is taken by a quality control engineer on a first-come, first-served basis. There is only one engineer on duty, and it takes exactly 4 min to inspect each new set. Determine the average number of sets waiting to be inspected over the first half-hour of a shift, if there are no sets awaiting inspection at the beginning of the shift. (4 Marks)
(c) What are balking function and reneging function? Explain. (6 Marks)
(d) A linear Markovian death process initialized at 10 members experiences an average weekly death rate µ = 0.6. Determine the probability of having a population of at least eight members after three days, and the expected size of the population at that time. (4 Marks)